Seasons eats was Katieís Gourmet for 16 years, it opened in June 1997. Its concept came from Kathleenís, (named after Philís mother Kathleen), a popular American restaurant next door in Stamford, CT praised for its fine food. The owners, chef Phil Costas and Liz Costas originally opened the shop as a speciality store selling olive oils, coffee, candy and gourmet meats and cheeses.  It eventually evolved into an establishment where customers could find a healthy and more casual place to grab a quick breakfast or a lighter selection of lunches and early dinners.

Phil, a N.Y. Times three star rated chef, uses his culinary expertise and inventive twists on everyday salads, soups, and entrees, with the best quality ingredients but without the accompanying higher prices. Liz develops the corporate catering and special occasion planning elements of seasons eats. We know that the previous Katieís Gourmet's success was supported by our loyal customers who insisted on the very best in product and personal service. We and the staff intend on continued service to the many hard working people of Stamford and Fairfield County for years to come.

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Katie's Gourmet, 29 Bank Street, Stamford CT 06901   Phone: (203) 324-2583   Fax: (203) 921-1987     Mon-Thu 8:00-5:00   Fri 8:00-4:00   Sat 9:00-3:00
$25.00 minimum on all deliveries & a 12% delivery fee will apply.   PLEASE- ALL LUNCH DELIVERIES & FAXES MUST BE CALLED IN BY 10:30AM     © 2009