What do you get when you put a three star chef and a catering whiz together in a deli instead of a traditional restaurant? You get interestingly varied, carefully prepared hot and cold meals and courteous, personalized service. Try getting that at the mall or at most places in town. It generally doesn't happen, at least not consistently, but it certainly does at Katie's Gourmet, a compact, clean as a whistle establishment on Bank Street. With fall in the air, try their soups. They're fabulous. And for tough economic times, they've come up with bargain meals that leave fast food places in the dust. It's a winner.

By email (9 October 2009)

Liz went beyond the call of duty when I arrived at closing time one evening. She dirtied up her clean kitchen to make a delicious cajun chicken salad sandwich. (My first choice would be the curry chicken salad but it's not a permanent menu item yet.) I was running late to a job interview on that rainy evening and it proved to be the perfect meal. I saved my delicious chocolate chip cookie for the ride home and savored each bite. I don't get to Stamford much anymore and this used to be a favorite lunch choice. So whenever I do come in to Stamford, I make it a point to stop for this exact meal. The food is tasty and the customer service is unbeatable!

Sincerest Thanks!

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